Volte Explained Brazil

Start Date : July 22, 2019 | Location : India, USA, UK, Brazil

Target Audience

Volte coaching is intended for someone who is working on LTE, GSM, Circuit switched /Packet switched products and who to learn earn VoLTE concepts, architecture, Interfaces & Protocols, functions and Call procedures. Premcell Volte training institute offers one of the best Volte course with Volte certification.Volte tutorial is designed with latest technolgy for Volte classes
Training Objective
Describe VoLTE Solution and Architecture
Discuss EPS Overview and Network Elements
Describe IMS Architecture and network Elements
Describe PCC Architecture and elements and  QoS in VoLTE
Describe VoLTE Protocols
Describe VoLTE Subscriber Authentication ,Access and Registration
Discuss MMTel and VoLTE call management
Single Radio Voice Call Continuity
Call flows
Duration of Training
4 Days
Understanding of LTE, GSM – CS/PS
Understanding of SIP and IP protocol
Understanding of SS7/ SIGTRAN
1. VoLTE introduction
  • VoLTE concept
  • VoLTE Drivers
  • LTE voice evolution from Cicruit switched
  • Voice Evolution 
  • 3GPP Release 8 Network Architecture
  • LTE Voice Solution Alternatives
  • VoLTE System Architecture
  • IP- CAN
  • Logical Components of VoLTE Solution
2. LTE/EPC Overview
  • LTE/SAE/EPC Network Architecture
  • LTE/EPC Overview
  • LTE/SAE/EPC Network Architecture\
  • Network nodes and roles of HSS,MME,S-GW,P-GW,PCRF
  • EPS bearers – Default & Dedicated
  • Basic EPS signalling procedures
  • Key Reference points: S1-C/U, S5/S8 S6, S10 and S11
  • LTE-HSS subscription
3. IMS Core network
  • IMS Core Architecture and Network elements
  • Numbering and addressing –IMPI,IMPU,SIP URI,TEL URI
  • IMS Interfaces and Protocols
  • CSCF-Proxy,Interogating,serving
  • HSS - Home subscriber server
  • IMS Basic call Flow – MO/MT
  • Session Border Controller - SBC
4. Protocols in VoLTE 
  • SIP and SDP
  • Diameter
  • H.248 
  • RTP
  • NAS
5. VoLTE Access Procedures
  • PDN connection for IMS APN
  • EPC Authentication
  • Default EPS bearer setup
  • P-CSCF Discovery 
  • IMS authentication
  • AKAv2-MD5
6. QoS introduction in LTE-EPC
  • QoS mechanism in VoLTE
  • PCC architecture
  • PCRF, PCEF Interworking
  • Interfaces: Gx,Rx Use case
  • GBR  and Non-GBR for services 
  • Standardized QCIs for VOLTE
7. VoLTE Call flows
  • VoLTE to VoLTE
8. Application Server
  • Function of AS 
  • MMTEL Server
  • Example of MMTEl services
  • Role of RCS and MMTel
  • IP-SM-GW
  • IM-SSF
9. Charging 
  • Overview of VoLTE charging
  • Offline Charging
  • online charging
  • CDR's in VoLTE

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