Network planning is an important part of any network roll out process.. From inception to on-air the process is elaborate. Even after the network is built the  network optimization is ongoing till the network exists. The planning process involves demographic value analysis and individual user based income criteria with varying Erlang allocation based on the budget. The whole process is highly skilled and multidisciplinary, This discipline require highly qualified engineers for Radio, Transmission , Construction, installation, commissioning & Integration, empirical data collection & analysis


Since the GSM deployment in UK & Europe, Premcell was engaged in network planning, optimization and network rollout. With the evolution of technology Premcell was part of the 3G & 4G network rollout globally. Now we are involved in the preparation for 5G technology standards in North America through TIA, USA. Under the network planning following are the domains Premcell dealing with.


  • Radio network planning & Optimization.
  • Transmission network planning
  • PCN and EPC network planning and optimization.



Engineers working for Premcell provide expertise in all current and emerging wireless technologies such as:

  • Wi-MAX/LTE
  • LTE Advanced/5G



Premcell offers support to vendors and operators through different type of services including:

  • Provide Subscriber perception of service
  • Benchmark figures against competitors
  • QOS reports for Senior Management
  • Analysis and evaluation of network upgrades
  • Acceptance testing of new networks / new regional rollouts
  • Benchmarking
  • Network Audits

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